Sat 22nd Jun 2024

With a few exceptions, none more than a few weeks in length, I have been in Montana my whole life. The exceptions, some vacations, some business trips, have served as a contrast to the backdrop of my life story, and made me aware that I take the absolute wonder of my daily surroundings for granted.

The story of my life began in Helena Montana in 1963 and has meandered a bit. for the last four decades it has played out in Northwestern Montana, where I lead a pretty ordinary life and where I plan to call home until my part in the story ends. Glacier National Park, called the crown of the continent, is just minutes from my front door and provides a majestic subject for many of the photos you will find here.


Most of the photos you’ll see here were taken within a few hours of my home in Whitefish Montana. The Rocky Mountains which surround me are a frequent subject of my work; so too are trains.

I have also been fortunate enough to travel, though not extensively. You will find photos from my adventures to Ireland and Bulgaria as well as to several places in the United States.

Whether they are watermarked or not, all photos on this site are copyrighted by me, unless otherwise noted. Use without permission, even for non-commercial purposes, is unethical and may be illegal. If you see something that you want to use, please contact me here.


Writing, like photography, is a creative outlet, for me, and not meant to be a side hustle. I try not to take it too seriously.

Here you might find snippets from my life, observations that I share, excerpts from the novels I am working on, flash fiction pieces, rambling nonsense, and who knows what else.

I had a poem published in some obscure book decades ago and won a free dinner for a short horror story from the FVCC college newspaper a decade or so after that. More recently I have published politically charged pieces at The National Compass (warning I have opinions and am not afraid to express them), as well as non-fiction historical pieces at The Founding Project (at time of this writing that site is down)

If you enjoy what I write, or, even if you don’t, I would love to hear your thoughts.

The Wordsmith Collective

I, along with others, founded a non-profit called Wordsmith Collective. We are dedicated to connecting writers from all over the world to support each other in the practice and craft of writing. Formed to facilitate local meetings, the group went fully online during covid and has not turned back from that model. We meet weekly via Google meet. If you are a writer at any level, or are even thinking about writing, join us. You can find our meeting and topic schedule here. is free to join. Wordsmith Collective is friendly, supportive and non-judgmental.

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