Train yard and historic train depot at Whitefish Montana


i have always been a gadget guy. My first computer was a TRS 80 COCO. which I bought  in 1983 for what amounts to around 650 dollars today. To add a little perspective, there is several times more computing ummph in my microwave than was in that  computer. 

I put that TRS-80 right to use doing important things, and got my introduction to coding, by programming a Judas Priest guitar solo (Green Manalishi as I recall).  My next project was a full  random dungeon creator for D and D. Like I said, important stuff. 

in 1989 I got my first “modern” computer and have not been for from one since that day.  I wrote my first computer repair invoice in 1993. Since then I have written custom programs for retail,  leisure industries and political campaigns.  Much of my day is spent troubleshooting, repairing setting up and occasionally cursing at computers. 

I teach, speak and write  on technology topics.   


I’ve been pointing a camera at stuff for almost half a century. Finally I’ve gotten okay at it. 

It all started with a couple of different Kodak Instamatic cameras and then a Polaroid that my Grandmother gave me. I moved on to a 35 MM Olympus and even had my own dark room  for a time. 

I dropped a lot of money on film and development chemicals. Digital changed that and so much more. I now shoot with an entry level Canon 35 MM and hope to climb  up a notch and to someday move into medium format. 

Although I have been compensated for shooting people  both in the film days and more recently, I do not consider myself a professional photographer.   

Shooting digital allows me to take hundreds of shots at a time. Sometimes I get  a good one among them. The cover photo  and most other photos for this site are pictures I have captured.  You can purchase prints of these and many others in my photo gallery page.


I used to write things down in spiral notebooks while my laundry spun in a nearby coin-op machine. Unfortunately I have terrible penmanship. Although I still have the notebooks  I can’t read any of it. As such I’m not sure if any of it is any good. I suspect not. 

Also in the olden days I had some  album reviews published in a local college newspaper and won a steak dinner for a story contest in the same paper.  A poem i don’t remember much about was published in a  book no one has ever seen.  so, not all bad.  

My political letters to the editor have been hailed as wonderful velvet sledgehammers by some and lambasted as partisan bunkum by others, My ad copy has appeared on radio, TV and in print While my various blog posts have either been largely ignored or received thousands of views. I also write manuals for the classes I teach at the same college which gave me the steak dinner. Oh yeah and sometimes I write  code.

Of course  I’m also working on the great american novel.


I first taught at FVCC years ago as part of a workforce training program.  At that time I instructed in  Microsoft Access and Excel as well as programming in Visual Basic. 

I currently offer courses on geek stuff in the Adult Education Department at FVCC.  

I have also instructed in voter outreach software and speak from time to time to groups on various topics.  You can find out when I have classes on my schedule page.    


I became a humanist minister in 2017 and am available for wedding ceremonies.